The Earth-School / Feasibility study

Location -

Mozambico, Milange

Year -


Client -

Vento di Terra NGO

Consultancies -

Intuito Design / arredi

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The Earth-School is an international cooperation project, until now waiting for funds to be developed and built. The school is designed as a place for the education of children and also as a meeting and training place for adults. Classrooms, canteen, first aid, agriculture center and service areas are included within a single permeable compound around two open spaces: the courtyard, place for playing and leisure activities of the children, and the patio, a rainwater harvesting tank surrounded on one side by an open space place to hold several activities of the community, and to the other, to a vegetable garden which will supply the school canteen and will become a training camp for local farmers. The rooms are linked by covered pathways that will protect from sun and rain and become a filter for the movements through the outdoor spaces. The adobe walls incorporate little openings to ventilate constantly the indoor environments. The roofs are also ventilated. The school is provided by the rainwater harvested water and gray-water re-used, filtered into phyto-depuration tanks.

Instruction manual
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