Expo low tech/ Draft project

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Milano, expo 2014

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Architetture di servizio del sito Expo Milano 2015

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The Principle of the whole project comes from specific choices that are designed to decline the concept of sustainability in architectural terms. Through an aesthetically approach of the sustainability, the project hopes to establish a research laboratory able to test the principles and solutions of low tech and high performance bio-climatic, containing wastes energy and money. In this project the sustainability is achieved through the elements of the architecture itself, that becomes manifest sustainability, limiting the supply of engineering solutions and technology to control comfort level. The starting reference refers to a particular element of the agricultural landscape in which the EXPO will rise: the archetype of the shelter in this rural setting, that is manifested in its most essential form with the barn. The straw is presented as a simple material to use, flexible, versatile, and renewable. It's lightweight, high-quality performance that allows an immediate reduction in costs and energy efficiency. The straw, unlike the hay, is an element of waste coming from the cultivation of cereals. It is used as a construction element and the insulation material. The modular can be easily detached after the event to reuse materials, or re-assembled to host new functions. Team: ArcÚ, Epplus Studio, Made associati, Metamorphosys, U-Boot.

ARCò Architettura & Cooperazione - P.Iva/C.F. 07814900960