Recovery of the Bussa Overpass

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Milan Municipality

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The “City of Kids” is an accessible urban space where the playful dimension defines the rules of interaction between people and characterizes the street in order to obtain once again the public city. The design for the recovery of the spaces of the “Bussa overpass” begins so with a reflection on the ways of using the city and on the possibility of transforming the less powerful users, in this case the kids, in the real power to re-activate the public space. Three main guidelines are followed: the first aims to find specific points where to intervene in a substantial manner to define a sequence of nodes, of situation, of centers that define breaks in the linearity of the overpass; the second guideline defines a large linear infrastructure completely accessible to kids defining a ludic landscape along the intervention; thirdly a reflection on the energetic and economic balance regarding the new spaces was done.The linear space of the overpass recalls with its geometry the spaces of the large Italian gardens, where long perspectives where accompanied from a sequence of variations in order to let the use and reading of the space be more simple. Similarly to our project a bike lane, which continues without interruption for all the length of the overpass, a sequence of situations, of rooms was created, which define the moments of break and of opening towards the city. All these spaces will be characterized from an equipped infrastructure and from a distinction in the flooring: a wooden wall will host the technical rooms, connected to the expected functions of the nearby space, and a solar panel plant which will provide the energy for lightning and other necessities of the park; while the flooring creates the realization of large playgrounds, thought to be realized with soft re-cycled material, solely stabilized soil for the rest of the overpass.

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