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Necessary Architecture

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Politecnico di Milano

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arch. Ph.D Luca Trabattoni, arch. Ph.D. Alisia Tognon

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ARCo architettura e cooperazion, Politecnico di Milano

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print cost, insurance, didactical material

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The workshop is designed following four main ideas that articulate the program:• Transversality: An integrative interdisciplinary approach• Sharing: Shared creativity fostering the capacity for dialogue• Experience: Understanding derived from observation, participation and experienceCreativity must be at the origin of the concept, present at the initial moment where we give answer to the question we are asked, and should be shared by all the participants, being the common thread of the process. The workshop focuses on the living conditions in Niger, with the aim of understanding their relationship with the site and the landscape, to share and pass on an attitude to life, architecture and creativity. The project is about rethinking on vernacular architecture in Sahel area (Niger)

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