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Rehabilitation of the orphanage Elisa Andreoli, Oruro

Location -

City Oruro, Bolivia

Year -


Client -

La Gotita Onlus

Donor -

Consultancies -

Total Cost -

90.000 €

Duration -

september 2014 - dicember 2014


The pre-existent conditions of the big structure of the orphanage were critical. The strategy adopted by ARCò improved the living conditions of the orphanage, simplifying the building's geometry and bringing innovative materials and construction techniques for the city of Oruro. The green roof highly improved the insulation of the existing structure. The new skylights, implemented on 40% of the covering surface, increased the income of natural light, helping preserve solar heat within the interior spaces of the orphanage. The local participation contributed to the project's realisation. This participatory process produced the realisation of the green roof with unconventional materials as the 400.000 plastic caps which partially retain rainwater.

ARCò Architettura & Cooperazione - P.Iva/C.F. 07814900960