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Architetture Padane

Editor -

Ideazione e produzione a cura dell’ufficio mostre del Dipartimento di Architettura Annalisa Trentin (Responsabile scientifico) Giovanni Poletti (Responsabile tecnico) Agnese Fantini

Year -

06 - 21 March

Location -

Chiesa dello spirito santo, Cesena


Architetture Padane is the title that Aldo Rossi and Luigi Ghirri gave to an important exhibition on his work presented in 1984 at the public in Casa del Mantega in Mantova. It was considered indispensable to start from that significant experience which has been able to grasp the truth of a territory characterized by precise and identity architectural values related to the landscape to safeguard an ancient tradition, established - as the Master wrote - on the "mix between countryside and city, between land and water". This new exhibition is moving from those positions to highlight the need to focus on reconstruction practices in Emilia this knowledge bringing a cultural contribution to prevent that the aftermath of the earthquake would be more devastating than the earthquake itself. The risk of forgetting the history of these lands and of irretrievably erasing historical architectures and anthropic signs is very high.

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